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We’re located in the Meadow Lark Plaza on the South Side of Springfield, Missouri.


Our address is:


Intentional Fitness & Performance

1440 E. Lark St.

Ste. D

Springfield, Mo. 65804

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At Intentional Fitness & Performance we pride ourselves on the ability and desire to train a wide range of people.


Our clientele ranges from collegiate athletes trying to gain a 1% edge over opponents to the elderly striving to maintain their quality of life.


We view each client as an individual and train them as such.

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Yes, we have a private bathroom that includes a shower, towels, and everything you need to get in and get out before and after your workout.

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Although we have no problem helping someone train to compete in CrossFit, we are not a CrossFit gym.


At IPF, we place extreme focus on technique and executing movements with intentionality. When your form begins to break, you shouldn’t continue pushing the reps.


There are many gyms in Springfield that offer CrossFit-style training for the masses. We’re proud to not be one of them.

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Absolutely. Every member receives detailed and personalized programming.


In addition to workouts, we keep track of various other metrics based on your goals.

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Definitely. We offer sport-specific programming to develop the skills and strength needed for your sport.

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